Tuesday, March 8, 2011

new painting in series!

"Misbehaved" by Hilary J England, 18" x 24" x 2" oil on hardwood panel, 2011

This is the newest painting, "Misbehaved"   It is painting no. 5 in my series studying American youth, and the effects of an evolving and shifting culture on these young adults, in particular, young women.  In this painting, I am exploring the subject of behaviors we now consider "taboo" versus the rebellious nature of youth, and the dichotomy of "now versus then" in that there is a constance in the "immortal" thinking of all youth of all culture, and in their defiance of current "norms" in their quest to find themselves.

This was done both conceptually, and par coer from several different studies, drawings, and also observations of the young people I have been studying.  **No animals or children were hurt in the commission of this painting, LOL.**

With that said, this painting is 18" x 24" oil on hardwood panel.  It was a challenge to portray the rickety, broken wooden panels, and pull out the midtones in a painting I wanted to be somewhat close to monotone in its warmth.  She is young, and blazing with passions and rebellion, yet there is a true core of love and promise.  So, here is my interpretation of that. 

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