Monday, November 16, 2009

Ill and such

I've not been too well the last week or two--I don't know if it was the flu, or the mental flu, but either way I've been down.

I've spent alot of time watching's my "escape hatch" when I'm feeling sad or just want to feel secure like Grandma is watching along with me. So many wonderful old movies, how I love them! To me, classic movies are so rich in so many history, in's like taking a time machine back to another era. I also feel that classic movies have so much more character and depth, as compared to modern movies. Hollywood tried to portray people, for the most part, in a much more noble light. It wasn't "cool" or desirable to be a dissapated and degenerated individual, as it so often portrayed today, and I appreciate and find comfort in that.

I think I do because it gives me a gleam of hope that people can excel and strive to do right, rather than submerge themselves in the status quo, and celebrate mediocrity and apathy. People fought for all different kinds of causes, from the simplest, to the most complex. They had principles, and a fire and a hunger for truth.

I watched "Night of the Hunter," with Robert Mitchum and Shelley Winters...that was a really good flick. Robert Mitchum was fab as the completely evil and closeted Preacher, and Shelley Winters was a bit over the top as the brainwashed newlywedded widow. The boy who played "John" was wonderful and believable in his role, and the little girl who played "Pearl" was more adorable than the money-laden doll she toted through the length of the movie. A must see.

Anyway, I'm out to finish my latest painting. I will be posting it tomorrow. Our wedding is this Saturday, and that event is wreaking havoc with my schedule, and my nerves! Then, off to Paris.

I'll keep up as best I can in the next few days/week.

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