Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Painting--"Change of season on the tree farm"

Ok friends, here is my new painting--sorry I was so slow to post, but I have been really swamped lately, and it's been slow going for me with just about everything. My wedding is this weekend, and I'm still just getting a handle on everything that needs to be finished up...the devil is in the details!!

This is from our local tree farm, the view is uncompromised, and so peaceful. There was a bit of nostalgia involved for me, the scene looked somewhat melancholy, yet hopeful, with the dark and overcast sky against the tapestry of color on the hills, and the baby trees that would get more time to grow and mature, rather than get cut for the holiday rush. That made me cheerful to think that the holidays are approaching...the landscape seemed to reflect that, as if it were taking a deep breath before it stepped forward into the impending soft blankets of snow that will no doubt be here in a few weeks...

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