Friday, December 11, 2009

Flu Season has arrived!

Ugh. I've been K.O.'ed by norovirus...AKA--the Stomach Flu, the Winter Vomiting Sickness, The BUG. I wanted to get out into my studio today, since I was really looking forward to starting a new piece, and last night turned into a nightmare of...well, you know the drill.

So, now I feel like Santa's elves did the chicken dance on me, and I can barely move from my I hate being sick...but so does everyone, and it's just part of life, because, in all fairness, I was overdue--hadn't had a stomach flu in about 10 years.

Anyway, stomach permitting, I will be out in my studio tomorrow morning, and greatly looking forward to getting a warm fire cranking, and getting a new series started. I hope you all are feeling well, and if you do get sick, ginger ale and sipping water seemed to keep me alive, so I'll pass that little tidbit along!

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