Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April showers

"Wildflowers in china vase" study, oil on canvas, 8" x 10" by Hilary J. England
 The rain has been a constant companion these last few weeks, punctuated by a sunny reprieve here and there.  I know in the South and Midwest, the storms have been terrible, but thankfully we have not had that happen here.  One clap of thunder, and the rest of the storm sputtered away...

I have several phone conferences lined up back to back, school work, errands to run (with no car till this afternoon), and I am generally feeling a bit peckish.  Hopefully, a walk to clear the mind, a cup of coffee, and I will have the strength and patience to get through this morning gracefully ;-)

I am working on the conceptions to my two newest paintings--one will be larger than I have worked in years, so I am excited to tackle that.  With very large paintings comes unique problems to strategize around, including the storage of them afterward, but I think I can handle that now, with the vast amount of storage space I have between the barn and the enormous, empty, dry attic I have.  Working large will help me to diversify a bit (for a solo show), as well as doing some work in different mediums.

So, I plod onward today...I posted a bright, cheery little painting of a quick study of some wildflowers in a china vase...hope it will chase the gray out of your day♥

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