Tuesday, March 20, 2012


"Pink42" self-portrait, 2012, oil on wooden panel, 20" x 20" x 2"

I have started a series of self-portraits, I guess its about time.  The last time I did one in oil was when I was 25, so that should be an interesting comparison, hehe....I don't know what prompted it, just that I am tired lately and my mind froze up at the idea of of embarking on another painting in my series, so that means its ended.  Time to move on, and until I find my feet as to what direction I am looking to go in, I will continue with the self-portraits.  Keep on going...

I should be so happy Spring is here, and I am, guardedly.  The last few months have cut me off at the knees, and I am still trying to recuperate.  I love hearing the mourning doves cooing beneath my window in the coolness of the mornings when I wake up, and that energizes me greatly, but I still have a lingering feeling of dread that hangs in the back of my mind that does not want to decamp or relent...its the first feeling that seeps into me lately when I wake up, and I have to literally fight it away with reading some positive quotes or devotions, etc.  or that feeling stays with me like a queasiness throughout the day.   I guess I am doing all I can to get rid of it, and maybe seeing all of the cherry blossoms and daffodils in their beautiful Spring finery will chase it away finally.

The rolling hills and fields of Southeast Pennsylvania are starting to explode with growth; I can see the tender green fronds of new grass and vegetation pushing their way up through the dead, gray undergrowth.  Here and there I pull away a brittle branch or twig, and can see the luscious colors of these new generations popping through the dark soil.  It's always amazing to behold, no matter how many Spring seasons I get to enjoy.  They get better with each year...

So, some new landscapes to post soon--I am constantly battling it out with my camera, and even trying to get this painting photoed was an ordeal--the darks are underexposed, so I will try again tomorrow, and to get the landscapes up as well.


  1. After see your whole blogs and your work i feel that you are very talented artist i like this portrait so much and natural beauty, your stunning and brilliant work will insist me visit your blog again and again.

  2. Thank you! You are very kind, and I'm glad you enjoyed my blog :-)


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