Sunday, August 11, 2013

Scent of Fall

"Twilight with wildflowers"
8" x 10" oil on canvas 2013

Summer is rapidly coming to a close.  Anthony starts college next week, and I am so happy for him.  Noelle starts senior year the following week, and has some big plans for after high school as well, and Gab is looking forward to having her baby, and relaxing at home with her two little ones, after the others go to school.  For me, I look to the Fall for some good times and changes as well--after all, if you aren't moving forward, you are moving backwards!

I should have my car back this week, and although I thought that would make all of the difference, it doesn't seem to.  I can't really think offhand any place I really need or want to go to, but I'm sure having a car will just make things more convenient.  I have some good plans for this Fall in terms of activities I want to pursue, and am excited at the prospect of changes of new things to come.

So, with that, here is a  little painting, done while Maddie chased butterflies in the field with Kitty Softpaws, the neighborhood cat.  Enjoy~

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