Thursday, August 22, 2013

Back to school!

So, summer is winding down, and what a summer it was. I am sitting here in the cancer center with Mark, as he starts a new round of different treatment. The folfirinox was status quo, so now he will start with Gemzar and abraxane, and we hope for better results. The center is lavish and swank, and the nurses are very pleasant. It's almost like being in a spa, except with a dark reason for being here instead of just looking to refresh and relax. But, we try to move on. I have been operating on about three hours of sleep a night, with Gabby and the babies staying for several nights, and the gaggle of teenagers and young adults coming in and out at late hours, so I am so thankful for school starting on Monday! Anthony started college last Monday, and that was stressful as well, but, God is good, and Anthony actually got paid to go to school, with his grants and scholarships, he had over $1,100 left over with NO loans, and that money was used to purchase his textbooks and supplies, as he is living at home. He is very blessed that the campus is literally five minutes from our house, and he also has an amazing schedule of Monday thru Thursday, 9:30 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. straight through, and taking 15 credits a semester. Baby Isaac arrived safely, and that is a huge weight off my shoulders, and although this summer was extremely tense and difficult with all that was going on, I had the wonderful privilege of spending it with Maddie, and those memories are so precious to me. We have had all sorts of other annoying issues that seem to irritate us all when we least need it, but that is life I suppose. I am just grateful for the good things in my life, which is the people who I love, and look forward to things leveling back out to some degree and semblance of my previous routine, in the next week or two. Again, God is good, and I am just thankful for knowing that.

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