Thursday, June 29, 2017

Janine part one

Janine in progress-- oil on canvas, 12" x 16"

 I have started another portrait for my nonprofit, Healing Hearst Thru Art. I enjoy the work, because as a commemorative portrait, working solely from three to four photos, these portraits present their own unique challenges. Unlike working from life, in these portraits, you must bridge any "gaps" instinctively, rather than visually, like with a live model. This is somewhat nerve-wracking when you are like me, used to relying on the visual itself to guide me, rather than making "guesstimates". So, for that reason alone, this work is very unique and challenging.

This will be a modified diptych in a way when it is done. Her brother Mark will be painted in a complimentary, paired setting so that the two portraits can be paired into one frame, or hung side by side as a complement. I am very much looking forward to working out this unique two part portrait piece for their Mom and family ❤️

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