Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day at Hawk Mountain

"Hawk Mountain, Springtime" 9" x 12" oil on canvas panel by Hilary J. England

It was a beautiful day on the mountain--I was painting at high noon, and the light was nearly blinding, with only an occasional cloud as a reprieve.  The view into the valley was serene and almost ethereal.  There were a few low flying turkey vultures hanging on the soft breeze, wobbling in the vacuum of the space above the valley.   It was as if they were being pulled by invisible puppet strings, or balancing precariously on a nonexistent tight rope.   I was able to listen to the sound of silence and breath in the sweet, clear air...  It was slightly scented of pine, new foliage, and a hint of manure, emanating up the gentle slopes, originating at the neighboring farms in the far distance of the valley.  There were very few distractions, aside from a plague of flies (maybe I smelled like food to them?), and an accidental tourist into the line of vision, but that's all expected.  All in all, it was a very serene afternoon.

I am intending on painting a painting a day outside --weather permitting or not--for the next thirty days.  Let's see how long until I have to eat my words with some strange, unseasonal weather!!!  Hopefully, not.

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