Saturday, July 16, 2011

Trippin' and jumpin'

"Pain in the A$$ ♥♥"  by Hilary J. England, oil on hardwood panel, 16" x 20" 2011

We are bounding through summer.  I leave on my roadtrip to Montreal in a few weeks, so I'm prepping for the possible "tornado" damage I'll return to when the housesitters leave.  The old saying, "when the cat's away..."  Ah well...these are the little pitfalls of traveling and still keeping your home safe.  At least my Dad is on top of things while he's managing the place!

Above is my newest painting, called, "Pain in the A$$"  I'll let you figure it out, just from her mischievious facial expression.  Sigh...teenagers.  Boredom.  Mischief and energy.  Know it alls.  I wish I was that age again, sometimes.  Just to have the energy and optimism.  But, when I think of going through life up to this point all over again, the idea makes me shudder.  So much for reincarnation!

Aaaaaaaanyway...going out for the day and leaving all inhabitants behind in the house.  My mediums are drying up in the heat, and I can't believe I've run through so much, plus, I have paintings to pick up at the framers, and other errands.  That's the glamorous life!


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