Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fly to Jesus...

Rest in peace, Noah.

It's a beautiful day, but attending a funeral is a sad way to spend it. These types of occurrences, like the loss of a 20 year old young man, challenges my heart and my mind, to understand, then I realize, there is no understanding, only faith.

Noah was a sweet, vibrant, talented, and ambitious young man, who was a friend of my daughter's, and he drowned a few days ago in freak accident at a popular swimming hole here in the neighborhood.  Nothing strange involved, no drugs or alcohol, just a group of young people frolicking and having innocent fun on a rope swing, and then the current of the river took him away in front of their horrified eyes.  They tried to help him, but could not reach him, and so, Noah was lost.

Today was his funeral, and what a wrenching funeral it was. To see the anguish of his parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, siblings, cousins, friends, and the community at large, as we all sadly remembered him and the potential that he had, all gone in one blink of an eye on a bright, beautiful afternoon of happy play, a day just like today.

I could only quietly weep for their helpless pain, their eyes that met mine, that met each mourner that came, and that desperate pain that each person has when a sudden death comes into the midst of everyday life.  Why?  Why him?  Why now?  Why does a horrible thing like this happen to a nice, promising young person?
We will never know, not on this side of Heaven, so the only thing we can do is accept, grieve, and remember.  Remember Noah, and how he was a good friend, and how he was loved.

Rest in peace, Noah.  Fly to Jesus, and live.

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