Friday, September 21, 2012

"A promise"

"A promise" by Hilary J. England, 2012, wood, glass, wax, paint

This artwork was based on Wordsworth's "Ode on intimations of mortality"~


Immortality, mortality, the immortality of love, and the reality of the expectations that usually fall far short 
of the dreamy prospects we cling to secretly in our hearts. 
A promise, a promise.  The hollow resonance of that promise that echoes through the recesses of our minds...
you promised.  You didn't keep it.  The promise was beautiful, pure, full of hope and possibilities,
and now, it is just a bitter memory.  How quickly a promise or vow can move from the heights of Heaven
to the depths of the swampy marshes of pain and misery.  Beautiful youth is never too far removed to even 
bring hope to the oldest of our sphere with a promise. 
 Promise is the equivalent of optimistic hope, joy, expectation, and the idea that all is not absurd and 
A promise promises to set things right, to bring nobility to an ignoble situation, to restore harmony and
Yet, most promises are just wispy vapors, holograms, or phantoms. 
 How strange to find a promise unbroken during the course of a lifetime--akin tofinding a unicorn, 
or a field of four-leaf clovers.  
Yet, we still light up like a child deep inside, even against our own rationale, our own free-thinking 
when we are promised something, whether it is a large promiseor a small vow.  
Promises still hold power.

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