Saturday, September 29, 2012

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"The Dorm" by Hilary J. England
2012, Digital Art

I had strange dreams last night, but that is nothing new.  I woke up a bit foggy (and no, there were no substances involved!) and the gray weather really matched my mindset.  I think I was thinking about the state of things, our culture, the changes we go through, and feeling somewhat frustrated about our lack of cohesion for any sort of standard of measurement or belief system.  Our state of anti Art. 

Still, I think our state of anti Art is a good reflection of our absurdness, or hypocritical or "duality" of thought.  It seems there is no linear thought processes, or a rational way of deriving a conclusion.  So, this causes me, as a human human, a bit of vertigo.  Yet, I still manage to form my own little world to counter the tilt-a-whirl of the planet that seems to be in constant, random motion.

In my own work, I like to explore subjects I am thoroughly familiar with, and human processes that are universal, even if the "window dressings" are a little different from culture to culture, or due to a "generation gap."  No matter how well you think you know a subject matter, you never really do.  That's what I love about humankind.  The sameness and the differentness of our humanity.

I also enjoy other artwork that I can derive a sense of truth from, a universal commonality, a thread that runs through all experiences.  I have found a really amazing website lately (or shall I say, they found me), and after doing a good deal of exploration on it, would love to pass it along to you, my friends.  The website is  and the spectrum of different, quality work on it is really very stimulating and impressive.  If you are looking to purchase the most current, important work that is being produced around the globe, here is a website that you want to visit.  If you just want to browse to get an idea of current art trends, read some very informative articles (they have a very thorough article section), etc., you should also stop by is different than many other websites because the work is juried onto the site, rather than allowing anyone to post, and I know that some people feel very strongly that jurying is exclusionary, I do think that it works for is looking for a certain caliber of work, and through a panel of curators, can achieve a very wide selection of quality artwork to suit all tastes and worldviews, so again, I think the jurying of artwork onto works very well. 

So, that's that for today.  I hope you enjoyed my newest work, "The Dorm" as much as I enjoyed exploring the world of college freshmen.  Always a treat and a trip down memory lane! 


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