Wednesday, April 3, 2013


"Quiet tree in the flower meadow" by Hilary J. England, 2013
12" x 12" oil on hardwood panel

Life is still a maelstrom, but I am fighting my way through the tornadic winds.  Some very disconcerting and ominous events have taken place lately, and until we better have a full grasp on the implications, I rather defer to say any particulars, except that this will be a truly humbling lesson in Christian love for me, and perhaps one that was overdue.

I have to look at this situation from that point of view, because there is no other point of view that makes sense, or hits the bottom of my gut with the resounding thud of truth, that leaves that feeling of knowledge so plain, it's like seeing the nose on your own face.  The feeling of, "How did I not see this coming?" or "I was blind and much worse."  I can only pray now for the strength and grace to continue to make the right decisions, and overcome anything bad in this situation with love.  Love conquers all things, and now, I have a chance to see this in action.

So, here is a painting I painted while ruminating and meditating on all of these ponderings.  I needed something to reflect how I was feeling, which was sad, but hopeful, nostalgic, but grateful.  I don't feel afraid anymore.  I know there is a reason and a plan, and if the Lord took me to it, there is a vital and essential reason I must experience these things, and He will get me through it.  It may be very painful, but we all know that growth and change are painful at best, so I will just trust and not fight against these things.

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