Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sucker punched

The news takes your breath away: cancer.  It's as if someone rings your doorbell, and when you answer it, you get sucker punched in the face.  There is no way to respond to it with any degree of logic or just sucks away all of the air in your lungs, all of the reason in your mind.

That was the news we are facing. Cancer.  How?  Why?  All of the usual thoughts start swirling around...and then the fear grips you like a boa constrictor, getting tighter with each breath.  I have to just shake away the negative, and move with the positive and constructive.

So, Mark is ill.  I still can't comprehend it.  The enormity of it is so large, it's like squeezing an elephant into your Volkswagen Beetle.

Now, he just needs help, kindness, understanding, and support.  We must get him situated, we must get him into his treatment immediately, and we must make sure we can all work together to make sure his days are happy ones, ones that will bring him peace and comfort, no matter what God decides for him.

So, we begin the odyssey. Biopsies, surgeries, chemotherapy... I pray for strength, wisdom, courage, and faith.  For all of us.

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