Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nice, is very nice. Hehe.

Wow, what a trip, literally.  I could go on and on, but we all know how annoying air travel is...first the security checks, lugging your baggage everywhere, and of course, when you turn the cancer machine down, you get the felt-up in front of everyone.  That's OK, that doesn't piss me off anymore.  Rather get groped than have TSA agents looking at me naked in the x-ray machine.  That's just creepy.

The flight was pretty horrible.  Screaming babies, puking kids, and for some reason, everyone was up running around the plane all night.  I have never flown LOT Polish, but I'll tell you what, it was a bizarre trip.  They kept feeding everyone, and there was only like an hour's downtime during the 9 hour flight.   Plus, factor in shitty movies (some stupid movie with Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah) and freaky music on the headphones, and you have a formula for a midair freak-out worthy of an emergency landing.  Safe to say I will not be flying with them again (after the flight back).

Plus, another weirdness--when we disembarked in Warsaw, we were all escorted off the plane, and back through another security check point which took nearly an hour.  I am wondering what these people were thinking?  Did someone smuggle a baby bomb on board somewhere between Newark and Warsaw?  If we were thoroughly screened in Newark, and never went anywhere but the plane under their watchful eyes, why did we need another humiliation upon disembarking?  Talk about hysterical out-of-control bullshit.  I didn't know Poland had that many terrorist attacks, LOL.

Upon arriving in Nice, I was completely washed up.  I had 80 pounds of luggage to lug around, and when I left the airport with only an address, and was accosted by taxi drivers offering me a lift for 50 Euros (about 75 dollars American), I was so fed up I told the one guy to piss off.  I wound up taking the bus for *3* Euros, and walking two blocks to the hotel.  Definitely worth saving 47 Euros. 

So, first thing I did was drag my giant suitcase past the hotel clerk who didn't speak a word of English, get into my room (pretty crappy as well), instantly strip and hit the shower.  The shower head fell off and clunked me on the head, but NOTHING would stop me from washing off the travel grime of the last 24 hours.  I feel like a new human!!  Who cares about the crappy room.  I'll sleep with the lights on so no vermin crawls in my ears LMAO.

Now, all of those bad experiences can pale next to the splendor of this place!  It is sooooo beautiful here, the water is the most beautiful shade of aqua, and the ambience is a mixture of ancient Rome, New Orleans and Paris, and a hint of the Far East.  Very exotic.  I walked along the beach, and was in absolute awe of the beauty of the entire area.  I am definitely impressed.  So, I am turning in for an early night so that I can be nice and refreshed for tomorrow...Bon soir.

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