Saturday, January 9, 2016

Female Nude Study

Study of female nude reclining, Conte on Gray Ingres paper, 12" x 16, 2016
The new year has started off quite robustly, as if shot out of a cannon!  The weather has been nice and mild (I don't want to jinx things here) so going to Bethlehem has not been odious, as the Blue Mountain is always that large, looming obstacle in the weather, and thankfully, we have seen no harsh conditions yet.  Yet.  Or maybe not this year.  It does happen once every few years: a mild, gentle winter.  We are definitely overdue!

I hadn't been to figure drawing in a while, just because I was busy, and time seems to slip away when you aren't paying that close of attention to it.  I had missed these drawing sessions, and hadn't realized how much, until I got there.  Now, the night before, I had precious little sleep (I have been wrestling with insomnia yet again), but I forced myself into that car with two large super-strong coffees and I was very happy that I did.  I like seeing familiar friendly faces and the camaraderie of the figure drawing makes me feel very comfortable, like I am at home.  We all are so passionate about the same thing: the beauty of beauty.  Exploring the complexities of  anatomy and translating it into the second dimension. The rhythm and harmony of the human proportions. So that's a large part of things also.

I have a lot of different opportunities that have recently come at me, and it is a little overwhelming, since I was kind of on "coasting" mode.  I am trying to sort through them, in a studied, logical way, but I feel a slight feeling of uneasiness, and I get this sinking feeling sometimes that no matter how much thought you try to put into a decision, it's kind of going to go on it's own merry route, regardless of your attempt at planning.  Kind of like children!  So, I'm trying not to "overthink" things either.  Yes, as Anthony was saying to me, he has a feeling that 2016 is going to be a really good year filled with amazing opportunities and growth!  I agree. :-)


  1. Don't overthink....I hope you DO have a great 2016!!!

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