Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Day 13 and 14 Santorini and departure

Day 13 and 14, Santorini and leaving -- iit was a wonderful time, but I'm happy to depart.  Santorini is beautiful, but its good for couples and party groups -- I felt most alone even in a group here, and that's an underlying feeling that is never a pleasant one.

But, for the hotel I stayed at -- I can only say they had the most comfortable bed in all of Europe!  That I was sad to leave behind and stayed in there until the last possible minute!

Yesterday was spent relaxing and snoozing as well, plus I found a laundry service to clean all of my clothes for 15 euros -- clean, and fold.  When you travel more than a few days, you cannot underestimate the importance of clean clothes!  Washing your socks and underwear in the sink gets really old.  

So now, I'm sitting in Santorini airport, waiting for my flight back to Rome, with a stopovere in Athens.  I look forward to seeing Rome again for a few more days, and hitting some art museums.  Rome was my favorite visit so far -- as a single person, this was by far the most comfortable city and cosmopolitan, wheree the locals did not look at you like you were bad real estate or with pity, because they can't comprehend a woman on her own haha.

So, back to Rome! I'm looking forward to a few more days there :-) 

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